YPS goes locally in Bosnia and Herzegovina


YPS goes locally in Bosnia and Herzegovina

YPS goes locally in Bosnia and Herzegovina

February 7, 2024

Bosnia and Herzegovina – Recently, local activities in several cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina were organized as our team from LBO BIH visited Tuzla, Brčko, and Banja Luka. This is a continuation of the activities that started with the YPS MeetUp event in Sarajevo and the Capacity Building Training that was organized previously in Mostar.

As a prelude to this event, our team, together with UNFPA Bosnia and Herzegovina, hosted the Youth Voices for Peace event in Sarajevo on December 8, which focused on the YPS Agenda activities. Particularly in Bosnia and Herzegovina, discussions around the YPS Agenda are emerging, marking an essential step in addressing the residual impacts of the 90s war and the intergenerational trauma it inflicted. In response, UNFPA and RYCO joined forces to advance this dialogue and actively involve young people in peacebuilding. The initiative introduced a translated version of Resolution 2250 to initiate discussions, highlight ongoing efforts showcasing the capabilities of youth in addressing conflict aftermath, and examine youth policies for inclusivity. The event’s primary goal was to create a platform uniting media influence and policy-making to reinforce youth engagement in peace initiatives.

We then continued our activities in Tuzla, sometimes called the unknown NGO capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The city of salt was a meeting place with our Superschools, a meeting with representatives of the local administration, and two events with young people. After the introductory session and discussion about the YPS Agenda and the mapping of actors for its implementation, we also organized RYCO Youth Coffee Talks on the topic of Culture as a catalyst for change.

We continued YPS activities a day later in Brčko, where we met with representatives of the Brčko District Government, Youth Council of Brčko District, and young people, with whom we discussed the YPS Agenda, as in Tuzla, and organized RYCO Youth Coffee Talks on the topic of YPS Agenda as an instrument of social cohesion.

Our last stop was Banja Luka, where we organized another YPS MeetUp meeting with representatives of youth and youth organizations from Banja Luka and the Republika Srpska, in order to map out actors, activities, and needs regarding the implementation of the YPS Agenda. These events were followed by a series of meetings with representatives of the French Institute in Banjaluka  and the Pedagogical Institute of the Republika Srpska.

Recognizing the complexity of the challenges addressed by Agenda 2250, RYCO is committed to adopting a multisectoral approach. By leveraging its resources and knowledge, RYCO will facilitate collaboration across various sectors to ensure a comprehensive and effective response to the diverse needs of youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the region.