KOMS and the YPS Agenda


KOMS and the YPS Agenda

KOMS and the YPS Agenda

June 5, 2024

Conclusion National Youth Council of Serbia - KOMS leads the charge in implementing the Youth, Peace, and Security (YPS) agenda in Serbia, showcasing expertise and dedication. With thier innovative programs and strategic partnerships, KOMS sets the standard for youth-focused peacebuilding initiatives, inspiring positive change not only in Serbia, but in the region as well. So let’s see how KOMS achieves that!

Introduction to KOMS and its vision

KOMS is an association of 109 youth and for youth organization and is the highest independent representative body of youth in Serbia. KOMS is an advocacy platform which serves for improving the position of youth and acts as a link between young people, its member organizations, various decision-makers and providers of programs and services for youth. It operates through a network of youth organizations across the country, advocating for youth rights and participation in decision making processes. Through the Alternative Report on the position and needs of youth which KOMS has been doing annually since 2017, data is collected and trends concerning youth are tracked, particularly in the areas of peace and security, as well as those about neighborly relations. KOMS is a leading youth organization in Serbia that is committed to promoting peace, security, and youth empowerment.

At the heart of KOMS' overarching vision resides the principle of youth inclusion, a resolute dedication to amplifying the voices of youth all over Serbia. Each decision within KOMS bears the hallmark of ensuring the meaningful participation and representation of these voices in decision making processes, and in particular peacebuilding. Another strength of KOMS lies in its strategic partnerships, which extend far beyond its immediate sphere. KOMS creates and cultivates alliances with national and international entities, including RYCO, UN agencies, NGOs, Government institutions and youth organizations.

However, KOMS recognizes that lasting change necessitates more than empowerment alone – it demands advocacy and policy influence. Armed with empirical data and unwavering determination, KOMS advocates for policy reforms and institutional restructuring aimed at addressing the root causes of conflict. Within the core of KOMS, we can find a narrative of resilience, collaboration, empowerment, and advocacy, and in this narrative, the past serves as a prologue, and the future points to a situation where peace is not merely an abstract ideal but a tangible reality. We give you an overview of KOMS' activities related to promoting and implementing the YPS Agenda in Serbia.

The beginnings of YPS implementation in Serbia

In the early stages of YPS implementation in Serbia, KOMS embarked on a strategic journey marked by dedication for creating more peaceful and sustainable society in Serbia, but also across the Western Balkans region. One of the first steps we took was to sign a Declaration of Commitment to implement the YPS Agenda with the Youth Congress of Albania - KRK. With this Declaration, KOMS and KRK express their commitment to implement the guiding principles of the YPS Agenda and recognize that the key importance of a joint proactive role in carrying out the mission of building a safe, peaceful, and stable environment for youth in Albania and Serbia, with the aim of promoting inclusiveness, cooperation, peacebuilding, and mutual respect.

Awareness Campaigns emerged as another approach, created to reach diverse audiences. Through extensive campaigns targeting youth, policymakers, and civil society stakeholders, KOMS illuminated the significance of the YPS Agenda. Leveraging an array of channels including social media, consultations with relevant stakeholders and youth, as well as public events, these efforts fostered dialogue and raised awareness on the existence of the Agenda, its contents and principles, and possible ways of its implementation. Complementing these campaigns were capacity building trainings designed to empower youth and youth organizations. With a focus on YPS Agenda education and skill development, KOMS equipped young participants with the tools and knowledge needed to actively engage in peacebuilding efforts. These workshops served as catalysts for meaningful action, nurturing a generation of informed and empowered changemakers.

Policy advocacy emerged as a central pillar of KOMS' efforts, driving engagement with key stakeholders at various levels. Through strategic dialogue with government institutions, international organizations, and other relevant actors, KOMS advocates for the integration of youth perspectives into peace and security policies and for the implementation of the YPS Agenda in Serbia. Through membership in various councils (Youth Council, Gender Equality Council, and Civil Society Council) and working groups in the drafting and amendments of numerous normative-strategic documents, we advocate for the implementation of the YPS Agenda through cross-sectoral cooperation and the inclusion of youth as a key working principle. Armed with research and advocacy campaigns, KOMS works tirelessly to influence decision-makers, ensuring that youth voices were not only heard but also acted upon in policy formulation and implementation.

The basis of these efforts was a meticulous research “Youth for Peace and Security: Analysis of the UN Agenda in the context of Serbia”, aimed providing an overview of current public policies (laws, strategies, action plans), and institutions responsible for youth in Serbia, which encompass in their work the specific objectives of the YPS Agenda. The research aims to determine whether and how the objectives of the YPS Agenda are implemented in current public policies of Serbia, and to define the space where it’s necessary to dedicate greater attention to their implementation at the national level. By collecting data and conducting this in-depth analysis, KOMS provided a solid foundation for evidence-based advocacy and policy recommendations. Through this research-driven approach, KOMS remains at the forefront of efforts to address the needs and concerns of youth, paving the way for a more inclusive and secure future.


KOMS is dedicated to empowering young people as agents of positive change and peacebuilders in Serbia and the Western Balkans region. Through its multifaceted approach, KOMS promotes the Youth Peace, and Security Agenda, fosters youth leadership, and contributes to building resilient and inclusive societies where youth is empowered enough to participate. KOMS remains committed to advancing peace, security, and sustainable development, with a focus on amplifying youth voices, priorities, and leadership on the national and international stage. Want to hear more about what KOMS does for youth in Serbia and the region? Find us at @komsmladi on social media!

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